Calabasas Saddlery, Vintage Tee, Dallas Market

We have been doing a lot of dreaming, and a lot of executing at the HQ... and unfortunately that has led us here, a few diary entries behind, and so much to fill you in on.

WE POPPED UP AT OUR LOCAL TACK STORE. Seeing SC in the same tack store that has been there for me through every stage of riding and now through the biggest ride of my life has been a dream come true. There was so much connection, community and teamwork this weekend. I am so proud of the muscles behind the biz (Phil), my wing woman (Mom) and all the staff and support from everyone at Calabasas Saddlery.

Get this.

We met a woman who already bought my once aunty's, now brother's soap biz, Kopa Kaui, AND! my cousins skincare, Leahlani Skincare. She was so happy to support a family of inspiring entrepreneurs and came out just because she had read I was a local.

Pretty epic.

My mom and her chatted for a while and I popped in and out between hanging, styling, and checking out our customers with my TAP & CHIP gadget my best friend, Haley (& namesake sunshirt) helped me get going at the 11th hour. I tap & chip like no ones business but having my own was a wild experience.

I vividly remember having a moment to take it all in, l had just spoken to a mom getting boots with her daughter for her very first lesson at the same barn I took my very first lesson. It felt like one of those full circle moments that I will never forget about, and also one of those memories I will pull from when I need the strength to keep going. Those moments are so important for an entrepreneur, like, so important... at least for me.

We soft launched our V-Day collabs and the Kopa Kauai Valentine sized soap was a HIT.

We sold out the first day and restocked for the second, and already have another order in for the Valentine Drop.

The store smelt like eucalyptus, peppermint and new tack- the official scent of the horse girl.

The SC Mascot Hat went bananas and we are running on limited stock heading into the drop. I am workin' on a restock but these things take time and are a labor of love so don't sleep if you want these come 1/30. Oh yeah, SC Valentine drops 1/30.

Made For Walkin' necklace, an SC x Ginneca Row limited edition exclusive debuted and I haven't taken it off since my girl finished soldering the last charm on the mini cuban chain.

Hey Good Lookin Vintage Tee made an appearance on my body Saturday and everyone went mental.

100% organic cotton vintage jersey.

Sooooo soft and LUXE.

100% low impact reactive dye (low impact dye is a dye that has been classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as eco-friendly. low impact dyes also do not contain toxic chemicals or mordant which fix the dye to the fabric and require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate in the fabric)

Hey Good Lookin is eco-friendly, 100% toxin free and cute AF.

Valentines is all about Made in the USA, Designed in the USA, Local Sourcing and Supporting other Small Businesses through the process.

The week before the pop-up I flew to Dallas for AETA & WESSA at Dallas Market to be a Style Eye.

It felt so good to step away from the routine, catch up with my equestrian friends from both disciplines around the world, connect with the founders and creators of some of the most inspiring and innovative equine products and companies.

I created SC to be DTC (direct to consumer) to make the price points as accessible as possible for the same quality you'd expect for 4 times the price... but, I can't help but feel like wholesale continues to present itself to us... and as someone who takes chances and listens to the path as it calls, I can't help but take this as a sign.

My mission is, and always will be to make the prices as accessible as possible, but man... it felt incredible to see my stuff in Calabasas and the endless day dreams I was having of a Solid Citizen Equestrian Booth at AETA felt almost RL (rl= real life, the cool kids taught me this one... you can also use irl= in real life... pass it on).

Cash flow. That will be a BIG ONE to try figuring out to operate the biz at a wholesale scale but the dream of SC in the tack stores of different states and countries will be the driving force. Take that back- being able to have more time with my horse, my husband, and our future family will ALWAYS be the driving force.

Told yah I was a dreamer...

Next blog post is all about the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's become my obsession and most recent day dream. SS23 is in honor of it. Come back next week to read all about it.

Now that the CA rains seemed to have passed I am looking forward to more mounted time with Kori and continuing to build on our recent progress. 


Sending you and your ponies all my love,