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It's been a minute since we have caught up. (aka way too long)

I turned 31 and raised some money for some incredible organizations at the end of February:

All Seated In A Barn

"We are an equine rescue whose large ambitions include rescuing horses and donkeys from the feed lots who would otherwise be shipped across the border to be slaughtered for human consumption. We provide them with medical attention and most importantly, find them the loving homes they deserve.  Furthermore, we use different community programs to further rehabilitate the horses, who in return help to rehabilitate the individuals in these programs.

We saw the need to step forward and create a way to help the thousands of horses and donkeys that are trapped in the slaughter and horse industry pipeline.

Our organization is supported by friends, donors and volunteers that share this same belief with us!"

CDP Foundation-

If you have read my previous diary entries you know I received this scholarship for the 2023 show season and you know my heart is eager to make this sport more accessible for other young riders and adults in similar financial situations. I think it is so important organizations like this one exist and I know it would of given me so much hope as a young, priced out rider with a competitive desire to ride, progress, compete, and learn everything there is to know about my horse, its care, and our partnership.

Sydney's Quest to the Paralympics-

I first heard about Sydney Collier on an Equestrian Voices Podcast with Caroline Culberston and fell in love with Sydney and her perspective on life and immediately became her biggest fan.

Sydney is also one of our sponsored role models and you'll understand why after you give the episode a listen.

When I received this message from Sydney, I knew I had to use whatever voice I had to speak out and share her story. We all know I can't afford to help her in the ways she needs but who's to say this diary entry can't find its way to someone who can.

"Hey Megan! 
I’m so sorry it’s been a little bit since I’ve reached out! Life’s been a bit crazy here in Wellington! 
Alle has retired from the Paradressage show ring so I have been unable to show since this past summer’s national championships where he finished his career as National Reserve Champion. I’ve been busily working to iron out my horse situation and to get a competitive horse in order to ride for a spot on the team for the 2024 Paralympic Games and for the opportunity to go for the gold there.  I am
also obtaining my masters degree of an MBA with a specialization in marketing thanks to a full scholarship from the United States Paralympic Committee and to continue this I must be riding and competing towards Paris or I will lose my scholarship. At the moment I find myself in a hard position, I have two incredible sponsors, one Georgina Bloomberg who has agreed to half of the cost of the competition horse I need, and another Terri Kane of Diamanté Farms here in Wellington who has agreed to pay for all other expenses for the horse and competitions leading up to Paris - so I am left with a gap in my funding. Horses currently on the US Paradressage team range from $500,000 to $1,200,000 in price, I’m only looking for a horse a quarter of that price, our ideal price bracket to search for a horse would be $200,000-$250,000 to give us a fighting chance at the team and ultimately the gold. Currently I have $100,000 but I’m coming up short on the other $150,000 I know I’m completely throwing a shot in the dark but I didn’t know if you knew of anyone who might be in a position of wanting to get to know me, what I do, and possibly get involved in Paradressage through horse ownership that you might be willing to connect me with? I’m working with all that I have to continue working towards my goals and like your experiences, the horse industry is not exactly set up for those of us who don’t come from money, I’m trying in any and every way to be a symbol of hope and motivation for the equestrian community through my goals and I know the best is ahead, I just need to find a way to make it happen.
I completely understand if you don’t have any ideas, but I just figured I’d ask as I so admire how all your hard work, sweat and tears that has made you an incredible success in the ring and out!"


A total dream come true, holy moly you are doing this Megs, take a moment a soak this in feeling experience that I will absolutely never forget. Here are some of my favorite moments.

The instant gratification that comes from seeing your customers in your clothes IRL, the same day, the next day, moments after is something I will never get over.

Doing it all with my mom, my best friend, ON HER BIRTHDAY WEEKEND, with my brother's soaps, my friend's jewelry, my horse girlfriends (Alli of Milton Menasco & Emmie of CAHG) offerings, WITH KORI on site to ride after in preparation of our 2023 show season debut with CDP Foundation WAS SOMETHING OUT OF MY DREAMS. truly.

I spoke with Tonya Johnston (a mentor with the CDP Foundation and Mental Skills Coach) and I had such a meaningful and powerful conversation. I am most looking forward to all the resources this Foundation provides us with. It's such an incredible opportunity to LEARN. This year is all about learning and growing as a horseman.