Holidays over at SC HQ


Hey horse lovers,

Happy holidays and thank you for being here for my first official blog post! woah, no pressure...

One of my favorite things about the holidays is playing mr and mrs claus with my husband, your packer, shipper and all things heavy lifter here at SC HQ, Phil. There is something super special about the joy when giving someone you love, something you know they are going to love. The holidays are filled with the joy of spending time and laughing those laughs you only laugh with those special people you wait all year to be around. This is a time to honor and reflect where you are and where you want to go. It's a pretty magical and special time of the year and it always brings me joy and hope.

We are working overtime to keep the barn tidy over here at HQ. Our first restock on the products our customers have requested to come back the most (SC Core) galloped in with Theo & Foster last week and we were so not prepared for all the new inventory. It brought on the Major Cleanse of 2022, also known as the day Meg's threw away any and everything that did not serve the space. HQ is run out of our 2 bedroom apartment, the master is the office and warehouse, the guest is our bedroom, and the living room becomes the second warehouse space from time to time. It's a beautiful, chaotic, super special time for SC and the team who runs it. A customer reminded me how precious it is to have so much support from my husband with this biz. I gently responded this is something I am so aware of and so deeply thankful for.

I guess Phil and I play Mr and Mrs Claus a lot.

Here are a few items our immediate family + barn family have expressed love for that we are excited to give from the shop.

Non Equestrians:

My Mama- Jessica in Bone, James Jacket in Army Green, Capri Huggie earrings, Park Avenue Necklace + Foster & Theo + Crew & The Haley in Black (she gets a lot, she is also someone help move things forward behind the scenes here at SC) 

Mother in Law- Lee in Black, Elle in Pinot, Jessica in Bone (we have xs in stock and on super sale), Queens Ring, Santorini Chain + Mini Fleetwood Chain

Sister in Law- Lee, Crew, Mia, Jessica in Bone & Black, Grace in Buckskin, Wallstreet Ring & Bracelet in Gold.


Barn Family- Crew + allllll the jewelry + baseball/dad hats

Trainers- Jessica in Bone, Foster, Theo, alllllll the jewelry, Lee, Mia, Katies, LB Hats...

Ride or Dies- allllllll the Haleys, alllllll the jewelry, Katies..

Ringside Show Crew- Crew, Theo, Foster, Jessica, SC dad hats, LB hats


I hope we can use this space as a way to connect deeper, share, learn and cultivate + foster this community of solid citizens.

Sending you so much love, joy & hope,

Megs, Phil & Kori