The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me | IG Valentine Giveaway | Seaside Tour Pop Up

Last entry I promised you I'd tell you about the best thing to ever happen to me.

It was Christmas Eve and I was in a circle with my mom, husband, grandma, aunt, uncle, brother and his gf when my little squirrel (long story. but she's like a little sister) called me and told me to check Instagram... it was a Facetime and she had a shocked, excited, tears in her eyes look so I quickly checked Instagram as it immediately opened to Denise Finch of The CDP Foundation announcing myself as one of two recipients for the 2023 CDP Foundation Scholarship. Its extremely difficult for me to put the next moments into words. It was the best thing to ever happen to me.

My mom was the first one I felt, she was in tears with me repeating over and over how happy she was for me and how proud she is. She took me to my first lesson and spent every moment after that giving me as many opportunities with horses as she could but horse showing and getting out of the schooling programs wasn't something we were able to do really. It was never a lack of support thing. My mom and dad supported me as much as they possibly could, and I did as much as I could as a working student until we couldn't take it any further and the financial strain and stress became too much. I know you all get it. Horses are expensive. 

Before I knew it I was embraced by my entire family sharing in this beautiful full circle moment. Stories with my brother about this one show at Elvenstar when I won every single class on a mare I helped bring along. Her name was Chloe and she was all kinds of spice. My first home show on her she decided to drop to her knees and roll. ROLL. Thank goodness I jumped off in time. She was the best and taught me to be brave, tough and patient. My mom and husband knew I'd applied for the scholarship, immediately knowing how big of deal this was... but the rest of my family didn't... making it a really beautiful experience and almost like a therapy session talking through the journey that has led me to this scholarship and this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I spent 13 years out of the tack before getting myself back in the tack at 25 years old. I'm turning 31 on the 24th of this month and I have to say the past 6 years of my life have been some of the best. Horses have given it so much purpose and direction. This business only exists because I would sit at the ring and sketch and dream of bringing my two worlds together. I always wanted my own clothing line. I have worked as a model and fit model for most of my life and have worked for so many female designers and business owners and have always been so inspired by them and the dream of having my own brand one day. When I would sit at the ring it just felt like this insane energy pull telling me to do this for an industry that I have loved and longed to be apart of again... to design for the woman in it and bring them affordable and luxurious equestrian lifestyle pieces... to combine my two biggest passions in this life. 

In 2020 I invested everything I had worked for into a horse, and a dream, and I really haven't looked back since. It's been beautiful, it's been terrifying, and it's been a ride that has stretched me and brought me more personal growth and joy than I could of ever imagined. Working my 9-5 as a fit model in Los Angeles while dedicating everything I can to my mare, working all roles for this business and being a wife has brought me so many challenges and so. much. hard. work. but it has all led me to this opportunity. I put my dreams out there, and I worked incredibly hard towards them. I really hope if you have made it this far that you believe in both the power of your dreams, and hard work to get there. That you believe in the power of those things that set your soul on fire and that you have the courage to fearlessly pursue them... just to be clear... I have a lot of fear... but not living the life I have always dreamt of scares me more.

Now that your all caught up on my life with horses... THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME!!!!!

Mentorship from THE BEST ON THE WEST COAST, horse show credits from Nilforushan Equisport Events, Desert International Horse Park, Blenheim EquiSports AND West Palms Events, reimbursements on showing expenses (hotel, food, travel etc) and gifts from the sponsors of the foundation!!!!!!! I am really excited to learn from the mentors this year and absorb as much as I possibly can from them... nothing interests me as much as horses, horsemanship, equestrian sport and everything that incompuses it. 

The CDP Foundation is a scholarship founded by Denise Finch, Kristy Miller and Mandy Porter in honor of their trainer, mother and mentor, Carol Dean Porter. Carol's passion and dedication to bringing opportunities and mentorship to riders without the financial backing inspired the foundation and is the only reason I am in this position now. Carol left a legacy behind and I feel so honored to be supported and lifted up by it.

Opportunities like this one are once in a lifetime, and receiving this scholarship validates my hard work, dedication and commitment to boldly pursuing my dreams.

I feel like I could talk about this forever so send me a DM or send me an email over @solidcitizenequestrian or and let's chat! Horses, finances, things that keep you up at night, passions, etc!

Speaking of IG- I am doing a BIG GIVEAWAY with the entire VDAY CAPSULE - Hey Good Lookin Tee, Made For Walkin Necklace, SC Mascot Hat, Valentine Soaps and SC Sea Salt Soap. Head over to our IG to enter! Entries close 2-10!

Also- I am leaving for our Seaside Tour Pop Up tomorrow for the second weekend in a row- Ali Nilforushan Equisport Events new horse show at the Del Mar Race Track. The venue is so special and what Ali is creating is already so magical and I know it is only the beginning. Ali's shows are unlike any other show I have ever been to. Last year I poured my entire horse show savings into only his shows because of the way him and his staff makes you feel while you are there and the experience he gives both you and your horse.

Please come visit me if you live in the San Diego area and shop the amazing vendors, see what Ali is creating, and watch some ponies jump colorful sticks by the ocean.

I have so much more to tell you... fill you in on... and show you... but... I just can't tell you...yet.

I will leave you with this... the next capsule is honor of the CDP Foundation and the year Kori and I are about to share together.