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Our Mission

Solid Citizen is dedicated to providing the equestrian community with economically chic wardrobe staples encompassing exceptional fits and consumer friendly price points. We believe quality fashion should be attainable for all.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Megan, founder of Solid Citizen Equestrian. I started designing Solid Citizen when I came back to the sport 2 years ago. At that point, I needed a whole new wardrobe and set out to find it. While there are a lot of great brands out there, I felt that more often than not, I was coming across poor fitting garments with outrageously priced tags.

I've spent the past decade in the fashion industry advising companies on the fit and feel of their clothes and one main question started to form as I shopped - Where were the fashionable equestrian wardrobe staples with attainable,realistic price points? That is when the beginning stages for Solid Citizen began taking shape. Throughout my career in the fashion industry I have fostered relationships that I knew would both benefit the overall cost and the fit of an equestrian clothing line. So I set out to create quality and well-fitting garments without the expenses most clothing companies face. 

What's in a name? As I walked up for my first lesson, back at the barn where it all began for me as a kid, I knew my life was about to drastically change. I had found the piece of me that I didn't know was missing all those years. When it came time to find a horse, my trainer and I both knew I needed a solid citizen -  a horse that was going to be patient with me, always kind and forgiving, that perfect adult amateur ride. With my livelihood reliant on my body remaining in one piece, a solid citizen was key to my journey back in the saddle. I found my solid citizen in Rico and I hope you can find yours too. Whether your solid citizen is your horse, your favorite outfit, or that best friend you can always count on - I hope our name resonates with you, and I hope it inspires you to never give up on those childhood dreams... no matter how big they may be.

Every garment is thoughtfully designed in my home studio in Simi Valley, CA. The company and business model is virtual- with a direct to consumer foundation, once again thinking of you, our customers, and the ways we can keep our prices as affordable as possible. Each garment is packed and delivered from our home directly to yours, avoiding all mark-ups as the garments pass hands.

Lastly, everyone involved in Solid Citizen is family to me and I appreciate their faith in my ability to produce stylish designs with impeccable fits. I am proud to support the pattern makers, fit techs, sample rooms and production teams that have  employed me and I feel honored to have the opportunity now to reinvest back into them. It was imperative to me that when starting Solid Citizen, I worked with people I valued, and trusted.  

Thank you for coming along this journey with me. I look forward to dressing us for years to come!

All my love, 


capsule i

The Basics

Solid Citizen’s first capsule is based off of staple items I believe every women should have in her closet. A classic white button down, a black turtleneck, a white collared shirt and a black bomber jacket are all timeless staples in easy to wear colors that seamlessly style with anything in your wardrobe. Each piece was designed to elevate your riding look and take you confidently from the barn to the office and anywhere in between.

The Archives

Capsule II

Equestrian Romance

Capsule II is inspired by the love between horse and rider. A collection of elevated basics in a timeless equestrian color palette with a romantic and classic feel. Functional fabrics in styles that will effortlessly carry you from the stable to the city. Each piece designed to stand alone, or compliment styles from Capsule I.

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